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Netstra is now a part of Hotkey Internet

Initial Announcement

The Management of Netstra would like to advise that due to a change in
direction, we have recently sold Netstra to Hotkey Internet Services, a
national top 10 ISP.

We can assure you that Hotkey provides a high-quality Internet service
running state-of-the-art equipment on a national network. High speed
broadband services including ISDN, ADSL and Satellite are available, as
well as international access via global roaming. Account details
including your email address, password and any existing web sites will
NOT change. The Dial in telephone number will remain the same for the
time being, although this will change in the near future as we upgrade
your connection to Hotkey’s network.

You will be fully informed of any changes you may need to make in the
future through the web page and via email. These will be relatively
minor and will result in improved service.

We have enjoyed providing you with your Internet services, and know
that with Hotkey you will receive top quality access and service well
in to the future.

More Information

As you may know, Hotkey Internet Services, a national top 10 ISP, has
recently purchased Netstra, and we are delighted to provide you with
your Internet needs.

Hotkey Internet Services operates as a national franchise company – this
enables us to provide you with the strength of an Australia-wide
telecommunications company, combined with the friendly service of your
local franchisee.

You will enjoy continuity of service, and access to business services not
previously available through Netstra.

Hotkey will continue to maintain your current Netstra email address and
your domain address (if you have one)

We will be doing everything we can to make the transition to Hotkey as
smooth and pleasant as possible. Please be assured we will maintain your
Internet service – the only change will be to the dial in number you have
to use. This is not a complicated procedure and we will contact you when
this is to happen. This will upgrade your connection to Hotkey’s
state-of-the-art national network.

Hotkey will be honouring all hosting and dial up access that you have
pre-paid and will have records of account balances to ensure you get
what you paid for. Any invoices you receive should be paid to the
respective parties. For those who pay by credit card this will be taken
care of automatically.

Please do not reply to this e-mail as it is an auto-responder. For
technical support and accounts enquiries, please call the Doncaster
Hotkey Franchise on 9841 5030 if you are in the Doncaster, Knox,
Mooroolbark, Ivanhoe, Outer South East Melbourne, Warrandyte, Preston,
Sunbury or Forest Hills areas or the Kew Hotkey Franchise on 9853 6400
if elsewhere.

Hotkey offers its members other advantages including:

* A full range of business services including web hosting and online
data backup
* High speed broadband services including ISDN, ADSL and Satellite
* Personalised local service through locally operated franchises
* A reliable, secure and private service
* 100 PoPs all around Australia, 2,500 around the world
* Access to Additional Mailboxes
* Access to Global Roaming
* Access to email through a web based mail server

Hotkey would like to welcome you to our network and our unique way of
doing business.
We look forward to being your ISP for a long time to come!

What you will need to do to access your internet.

Welcome again to Hotkey, your LOCAL Internet service provider. You are
receiving this email because you have an Internet Access account with
Netstra, which has recently merged with Hotkey, a national Top 10 ISP.

Your new carrier-grade dial-up service is now ready and we need you to
change your dial-up settings. Please note that the old dial-up service
will be unavailable after June 30.

Note: You WILL be able to retain your current email address

If you are using Microsoft Windows please download and run this file to
automatically change your settings:

You will need to enter the following information:

Username: your current netstra username
Password: your current netstra password

Running this program will create a new dial-up connection to Hotkey,
with all the correct settings, and create a shortcut for this connection
on your desktop.

Please note that when you start your connection, your dial-up username
will automatically appear in email address format (
– that is the correct format for dialing into the Hotkey system.

For some further information on other operating systems, have a look at

You do not need to make any changes to your mail settings – they will
continue to work as they are. Please note that all the comments regarding
email only apply to the email addresses.

For the more technical:
New dial-in number: 9923 0000
No scripting or DNS servers required (all are automatically assigned)
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server: ( will work as well)

It is recommended that if you are running a network from the computer that
is connecting to the Internet, you set up the new connection manually using
the information above. This will only be relevant where the Internet
connection for one machine is shared with other machines on a network,
and thus does not apply to most standard setups where a single computer
is connecting to the Internet.

Please check your email for further announcements.